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Orthodox Introduction to the Old Testament (SIHOS 101)
An immersive study on the Orthodox Church's viewpoint on Old Testament Studies with emphasis upon themes, typology and symbology as it relates to Christian thought and theology.
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Orthodox Intro to New Testament : A comprehensive New Testament study of Scripture, Tradition and hermeneutics from the Orthodox perspective.

Module 2 / SIHOS 102

Orthodox Introduction to the New Testament


A study of the history and theology of Christianity's most important councils: Nicea (325), Constantinople (381), Ephesus (431), Chalcedon (451), Constantinople II (553), Constantinople III (680--681), and Nicea II (787).

Module 3 / SIHOS 103

A Seminar in Church History /The Seven Ecumenical Councils


A study of dogmatic theology throughout the history of the Orthodox Church utilizing the Patristic discipline and understanding theological issues through the lens of Orthodox tradition.

Module 4 / SIHOS 104

An Introduction to Orthodox Dogmatic Theology

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